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This carving axe is hand forged from water quenched C45 steel and hung on a piece of charred European Ash. The mask is made from North American vegetable tanned leather with solid copper rivets.
Even though I’m not a wood carver, through my quality control test I must admit that this axe is a joy to use with a great bite to it – one of those tools you consider to keep to yourself. The head is not too heavy, but the longer handle lends it self to good momentum so it does well with rough carving.
It’s great as a small camp axe as well, and easily does the job of creating tinder and small firewood.

It comes sharpened!
Note: Handles of hammers and axes are considered consumables, and unlike the head, will not last forever. Pro tip: Use this fantastic tool to carve a replacement handles before you need them.

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