Basic Blacksmith Class: Forge Welding – 22th of April

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22th of April


Martillo Workshop
Hegedalsvej 7

Hobro, 9500

Minimum age:
Participants must be 13 years of age at the time of the class.

In this class you will be introduced to forge welding through a number of smaller projects. You learn about proper temperatures for welding, about fluxing, how to set a weld, and how to work the welded iron without destroying the welds.
The course gives you both lots of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
During the class, a fire poker is made with folded welding, chain links with scarf welding, and a “basket twist” with bundled parallel welding.

Forge welding is not always easy, and you must either have taken part in a beginner’s class or have equivalent experience before you can take part in this class.

Expected duration: 6-8 hours. Extra time can be spent practising different welding techniques.
Bring your own lunch. There is coffee and tea for free use.

Beware, when forge welding, we’re working with extremely high temperatures that can result in both eye damage and severe burns if not careful. Wear appropriate work clothes to the class. Plastic clothing is not allowed and participants must wear eye protection while in the workshop. Proper safety equipment is available during the class, including aprons and leather gloves.



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