Full-forged asymmetrical 550g carving axe head (for right-handed use)

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This axe head is hand forged from C45 steel. It is full-forged, meaning it has a punched and drifted eye. There are no welds and no potential cracks. It is water quenched to 53-55 Rockwell hardness.

The asymmetrical shape of the axe head is designed for right-handed carving and small hewing operations.
It comes sharp and includes a friction fit mask made from 5mm vegetable tan leather, constructed with solid copper rivets.

The experienced woodworker will likely want to hang their own axe head, and so the axe heads are not pre-hung. If you’d like to purchase a ready-to-use axe, please contact me prior to placing your order and I’ll arrange for an axe to receive a handle at an extra cost of 440DKK (70USD).


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