Hand Forged D20 Dice (1)

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These D20 are hand forged on the anvil from 30mm steel ball bearings. They are proper icosahedron and balanced well enough that there should be no statistical advantage or disadvantage for a good game of D&D.
Hand forged D20’s are not easy to come by and Martillo Workshop is the only shop that has proper D20’s available to order!
They weigh about 110 gram.


  1. Kelly

    Got this as a present from my partner. It’s a beautiful die, nice and heavy, but still rolls very well. Just make sure to roll in a tray because it will be very loud on a table. Also good chance it’ll damage your table.
    It’s pricey yes, but you’ll have a unique hand-made die, that everyone at the table will be jealous of. Definitely worth the price.

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