Hand forged Polyhedron D&D Dice set in steel

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This set of polyhedron dice is forged by hand, with nothing but hammer and anvil. They’re made from 20mm stainless steel ball bearings.
The set is the result of multiple days of careful and precise forging, without the use of any machines or grinders. As a result, they have a unique look and are one-of-a-kind as other dice manufacturers cast their metal dice in molds. In fact, Martillo Workshop is the only blacksmith that has proper, forged, icosahedron D20’s available for sale.

The numbers on the dice have been inked with a quality brass alcohol ink that does not rub off. The balance of the dice are such that that may be imbalances in the shape, as they’re all shaped by eye, but the correct positioning of numbers means that any imbalances will be evenly spread out between high and low numbers. This is also confirmed by test rolling.

The dice are big and heavy, and it’s recommended that you use a rolling mat or tray to protect the table you’re playing at.


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