Hand Forged Polyhedron Dice set for D&D

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This set of polyhedron dice is forged by hand, with nothing but hammer, anvil and raw skill. They’re made from 20mm mild steel balls.
This dice set is the result of careful and precise forging without the use of any machines or grinders and are not commonly available for sale anywhere else. This is a one-of-a-kind rustic dice set meant to impress and underscore your appreciation for nerd life.

This set of dice are not inked, but the option to have them inked is available in the drop down menu. The ink used is a high quality alcohol ink applied by hand with a needle.
The dice are balanced as well as is possible with dice forged by hand and should not have any noticeable preferences.

The dice are heavy! They will dent your table and it’s recommended you use a rolling mat or tray to protect the table you’re playing at.

This set of dice is perfect for the hardcore Tabletop RPG player or dice collector – or simply if you always want to be the one with the coolest dice at the table.

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