Before you buy

Shipping and tracking

Shipping times

Orders are usually shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays. If an item is on backorder, you can expect up to a week delay as I need time to make the product. Shipping times to places like the US and Australia may take anywhere from one to six weeks. For non-EU customers be aware of customs and import fees that you may be required to pay upon arrival of the order

Shipping options

Shipping within the EU is done through Coolrunner, which is a shipping service that allow for cheaper shipping for smaller businesses that do not have the volume to make their own deals with shipping companies. For all other countries shipping is done through PostNord, which unfortunately is significantly more pricey.

If you are a non-EU customer you may be presented with an option for cheaper shipping without tracking and insurance. If you choose to use this shipping option you waiver your right to a refund or replacement in case the shipment is lost in transit. I only allow this option because it has proven reliable, having done over 250 completed shipments this way. However, I recommend you only use this shipping option for smaller single-item orders. It may be cheaper to purchase 2 items with separate cheap shipping than ordering them in one go with tracking and insurance – Please consider saving yourself some money.


You will have to request your tracking information through the contact form, or by leaving a note with your order, since the platform my website is built on doesn’t allow for tracking information to be sent out automatically. I can also check international orders for you on the live broadcast if you ask in the chat. I’m happy to get your tracking information to you, so just let me know.