Custom Work

I have done quite a bit of custom work throughout the years. If you have a special project in mind, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

I can ship internationally, please ask about prices for shipping.

I will not be accepting custom projects that I do not feel adequately prepared for or skilled enough to undertake. I take a great deal of pride in my work and therefore you shouldn’t be surprised if I choose to say no to do a project, if I’m not confident I can do perfect work.

For custom work, please contact me through the contact form.

You should have a complete design or reference images ready. I will be helpful with adjusting and improving any design you may have, free of charge.

Please include a budget for the project. It’s much easier to estimate whether a project can be completed with a certain budget restraint, than it is estimating a specific price. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!

Designing the project for you

If you wish for me to do the design work for the project from the ground up, based on your requirements, I will be happy to apply my expertise. The charge for a design is 220 Danish kroner (About 30 Euro).

This extra cost will be paid at the same time as the deposit, and you will receive and keep the design, even if you choose not to go ahead with the project in the end.
In the price for the design is included a live-feed brainstorming session, where you can follow the process in real time and give feedback and approval of the design, if you wish.

Deposit and pricing

Custom projects require a non-refundable deposit equal to twice my hourly rate. The amount will be subtracted from the final price of the project. In the case that the final price of the project is less than the deposit, the excess will be refunded to you. Alternatively the excess can be made into a Martillo Workshop giftcard.

The price of a custom project includes my hourly rate, materials, payment processing fees and shipping costs. This will be paid once the project is complete and approved by you. It is then shipped to you.

My hourly rate for custom projects is 220 Danish kroner. This equals about 30 Euro. The material cost will be depending on the project and shipping based on your location. Both can be estimated before the project begins if you have a design available.

When doing custom work I charge by the hour and not by the product. As such no refunds will be given on services rendered. The result of the work is approved by the customer prior to final payment.