Custom Work

I have done quite a bit of custom work throughout the years. If you have a special project in mind, I would love for you to contact me.

Before you do, I have a few requirements that you’ll have to comply with. I receive many requests that have received little consideration on the customers part, and I spend more time asking questions and less time at the anvil because of it.
A prepared customer makes for a happy blacksmith!

Know what you want. I’m here to make the thing you need and if you don’t know what that is, I can’t help you.
You should have a design, sketch or reference images ready. I will be helpful with adjusting and improving any design you may have, based on my knowledge of blacksmithing.

Have a budget decided upon. I do not give unwarranted estimates. You should have a budget for your project.

Include your country of residence when asking for shipping prices. I can’t tell you how much shipping will be if you haven’t told me where it will be shipped to.

Be prepared for me to decline. I take a great deal of pride in my work and therefore you shouldn’t be surprised if I choose to say no to a project. I mainly do this for one of two reasons. Either I can’t do the job within your budget or the project is of a scope that doesn’t fit the nature of the work I can do.

When you are ready, please contact me through to contact form located through the main menu. It may take some time for me to get back to you.

Designing the project for you

If you wish for me to do the design work for the project from the ground up, based on your requirements, I will be happy to apply my expertise. The charge for a design is 220 Danish kroner an hour (About 30 Euro an hour).

This extra cost will be paid at the same time as the deposit, and you will receive and keep the design, even if you choose not to go ahead with the project in the end.
In the price for the design is included brainstorming sessions, where you can follow the process in real time and give feedback and approval of the design, if you wish. These design sessions will commonly be done via voice call on Discord.

Deposit and pricing

Large custom projects require a non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of the agreed upon budget. The rest of the balance will be paid after the project is completed and approved by you.

The price of a custom project includes my hourly rate, materials, payment processing fees and shipping costs.

My hourly rate for custom projects is 220 Danish kroner. This equals about 30 Euro. The material cost will be depending on the project and shipping based on your location. Both can be estimated before the project begins if you have a design available.

When doing custom work I charge by the hour and not by the product. As such no refunds will be given on services rendered. The result of the work is approved by the customer prior to final payment and shipped when payment is fulfilled.

Helpful tips for deciding on a budget.

You only need a maximum budget. If the project ends up costing less than the maximum allotted budget, I will adjust the final payment accordingly. I’m not here to rip you off – If that was my intent I would be selling insurance instead.

Consider how many hours you’re willing to pay for, for me to put dedicated work into your project. If you want a hand forged sword, you’ll end up with a higher quality sword if the budget allows me to dedicate 100 hours as opposed to 50 hours. (The minimum budget for a sword is 12500DKK (Equal to 2000USD))

If your budget matches the price of a store-bought item of the same type, the budget is too low. Triple it. The project may be completed far cheaper than that, but I do not compete with China.

Physical size isn’t necessarily a good indicator of cost. However, the level of complexity in a piece increases costs exponentially. Smaller items may require a large budget if the level of detail is high or they require a lot of fit and finish.