European Trade Axe / Tomahawk

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A tomahawk forged from a semi finished hammer head. The hammer heads used never got to the heat treat process and as such are clean and fresh steel, perfect to be re-forged into a small axe.
The haft is hand carved from ash wood and treated with linseed oil. Both the edge and the spike is heat-treated and sharpened.

Tomahawks make for great little carving axes and the spike serves the same purpose as a pickaroon.

The handle is a traditional friction-fit tomahawk handle. The wooden handle should be considered a consumable and are easily swapped out should they break.

Tomahawks are also referred to as European trade axes since they were produced by Europeans and sold to native Americans, who at the time didn’t have the means to produce steel.

Make sure that you comply with your local import and weapons regulation and have all appropriate licensing before ordering.

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