Terms and Conditions


As per EU law, you have a 14 day return period from the time of receiving your order. During this time you may request a refund for any reason. The order must be returned in new and unused condition. If the item is not returned in new and unused condition no refund will be given. You must contact me to request a refund prior to returning the order. Seller is not obligated to cover return shipping costs and initial shipping costs for the order may not be refunded.

I encourage you to take photos of the item prior to returning it, in case it’s damaged in the post. Please note that it’s your responsibility to properly package the item when returning it.

There are no returns on custom work as the service has been rendered, and the final result accepted by the customer, prior to payment.


As per EU law, all products come with a 2 year warranty.

In case of an issue with a product, please contact me with images and a description of what caused the issue and I will guide you through the process.

If the issue can be remedied without shipping it back to me, I will guide you on how to do so (For instance, some leathers have a tendency to “sweat” waxes in certain climates, and these waxes can easily be worked back into the leather with heat). If the issue can not be easily remedied you can have it returned to me for a repair. I will always repair an item if possible, or replace it if a repair isn’t possible, however sometimes I may no longer have any of the specific leather left to make a replacement. If this is the case we will find a good solution that works for you.

EU law dictates that seller (me) must cover return shipping on damaged goods.

Lifetime Warranty?

I’m not going to promise a lifetime warranty, just to back-peddle with a bunch of *’s like so many other sellers do. Instead I’ll just let you know that if you have bought anything from me, and there’s ever an issue with it, you are always welcome and encouraged to contact me and ask if there’s anything I can do to help. My customers are the people who allow me to do this for a living and without you, I wouldn’t be here to begin with.

Even if you are not interested in any help, you are always encouraged to let me know how the item is holding up after 6 months or maybe after 6 years. I very much will listen to any feedback you may have; just send it to me and include photos when possible!

The “It’s not my fault” section

Martillo Workshop can not be held liable for any damage caused by products sold, including but not limited to: colour rub-off from the leather, accidental or deliberate destruction caused by axes, dogs getting sick from eating leather (They can’t digest it and it causes vomiting), getting shunned by family and friends because of excessive need to show off your cool stuff and other various highly ridiculous but equally possible scenarios that may follow after purchasing something from Martillo Workshop.