Forged Steel D20 for DnD

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Forged Steel D20 for DnD

A single forged steel D20 for DnD. It’s made to order from a 25mm mild steel ball and weigh about 70 gram. Delay before shipping 3-14 days.

Hand made Steel D20

The d20 is forged by hand, with nothing but hammer, anvil and raw skill. It’s made in steel and is the result of careful and precise forging without the use of any machines or grinders. This is a impressive rustic d20, underscored by the unique aesthetic of traditional blacksmithing.

Extra Options

The forged metal d20 is not inked, but the option to have it inked is available in the drop down menu. The ink used is a high quality alcohol ink or acrylic paint, applied by hand with a needlepoint precision – quite literally.

Forging a Steel D20 for DnD

Normally steel dice would be machined, but as a blacksmith I choose to forge them. This gives them a unique forged finish, that comes from being heated to 1200 degrees Celsius. Through careful hammer blows the dice are shaped and corrections are made to balance the dice. The process requires a patient approach and thorough geometric and material understanding. The final product is rustic dice that carries a rich story of dedicated craftsmanship and skill.

Rolling the D20

The D20 rolls nicely and give a satisfying “clack” when it bumps into other dice, as is expected when playing DnD. The pointy bits on the dice have been knocked off, which helps facilitate a nice roll. It may take a little getting used to due to the higher weight, but once you roll with metal, going back to plastic simply feels cheap.

Balancing the D20

The D20 is balanced as well as is possible and will not have any noticeable preferences when rolled. With dice forged by hand there will be inaccuracies and signs of the forging process in the finished piece. Most noticeably will be the placements of numbers, which will not always be perfectly placed.

Weight of the Steel D20

At 70 grams it’s a heavy D20! It may scratch or dent your table and it’s recommended you use a rolling mat or tray to protect the table you’re playing at. Suitable options for trays can be found here!

Other Players

You will without a doubt be the person at the table with the coolest dice, so be prepared to receive comments about it, and maybe tell your friends about how it was forged by hand in the fires of a Danish blacksmith’s forge.

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