Tent Peg in 12mm square steel

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Heavy duty tent peg forged from 12mm square steel.
The tent peg is of forged quality and sturdy construction. The size of the tent peg allows it to perform well in situations where tent pegs made in smaller sizes or weaker materials will fail. The edges of the bend has been knocked off to prevent damage to the guy-lines. The tent peg has an untreated finish.

This is the ideal tent peg for heavy cloth tents used in medieval re-enactment, viking re-enactment and LARPing due to it’s authentic look and durability.

The tent peg comes in three lengths: 30cm, 35cm and 40cm.
30cm tent pegs work well for smaller tents and pavilions.
35cm tent pegs are the recommended length for most commonly used historical and LARP tents.
40cm tent pegs are for the largest of tents and also the recommended length for securing tents in stormy weather.

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