Beginner Blacksmith Class



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Martillo Workshop
Hegedalsvej 7

Hobro, 9500

You will receive an email with practical information in the days leading up to the class.

Minimum age:
Participants must be 13 years of age at the time of the class.

These blacksmithing classes are local classes for beginners and those with little experience. Designed with a maximum of 6 participants at a time. Søren introduces basic blacksmithing techniques through beginner projects, so that the participants are well prepared to delve into the world of blacksmithing.

Participants get to bring home an exciting experience and lots of good advice and crucial guidance is given.

The beginner classes consist of two parts. Part 1 works as an introduction to the forge, learning the most commonly used techniques. This class can easily be taken as a standalone experience, and there is no expectation that participants sign up for part 2 as well. Part 2 is a continuation of part 1, intended for those who wish to dive deeper into the trade of blacksmithing or simply wants to experience more blacksmithing.

Part 1

During part 1 you will learn to forge nails, s-hooks, coat hooks, barbecue forks. These projects teach you to draw out material, taper to a point, round a square bar, bend and curl, forge a leaf shape, cold punch a simple hole, chisel and work with a split bar. You can expect a pleasant and busy day with lots of learning, and a handful of finished projects in your pocket when you leave the forge – in short, a fantastic introduction to blacksmithing. The price includes fuel and materials. There will be tea and coffee available – bring a solid lunch. Blacksmithing can be physically hard and mentally demanding, but we set a pace where all able-bodied people can participate.

Part 2

During part 2 you will learn the last of the more technical basic techniques. We will forge a fire-poker where we learn twisting and forge welding, a candlestick where we learn upsetting, controlled spreading of material and forging 90 degree sharp bends, a fire-steel where we learn to forge high carbon steel and heat treatment, and a bottle opener where we learn punching,  drifting and shaping an eye. You should be familiar with the techniques taught during part 1 before you attend part 2. By the end of this class you’ll be fully equipped to explore the trade of blacksmithing on your own, and move on to attend the basic classes, where we explore specific themes and techniques at a higher level.

Basic Class: Blacksmith’s tongs

During this class you will learn the skills to forge one of the most important tools in the workshop besides the hammer and anvil; Blacksmith’s tongs. We will forge a set of small functional scrolling tongs to demonstrate the theory behind functional tongs and practice riveting and adjusting the tongs. After this we will forge a larger set tongs with forge-welded reigns and jaws adjusted for small stock. By the end you will have learned the specific skills needed to continue forging tongs in your home forge – as you’ll know at this stage of learning, a blacksmith always need more tongs. You should be familiar with the techniques taught during part 1 and 2 before you attend this basic class.

Basic Class: Axes

Learn the basics of axe forging in this blacksmithing class.
You will learn how to forge a punched-eye axe.
The class is an 8 hour exploration of shaping, heat-treating and grinding an axe head – Everything it takes to make an axe head, ready to receive a handle and get put to use.

You should have participated in a beginner blacksmith class, or have equivalent experience, in order to get the most from this class.
Materials and fuel is included in price.
Bring a solid lunch. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the class.


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